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Gordon Clegg -     Portrait and Landscape Artist


I was born in Stalybridge and have lived there ever since.  Although very much self-taught, I have spent most of my life drawing.

When you study my work, you will discover that I uses many different mediums in my paintings - from oils, pen and inks, and my favourites, pencil crayons, mixed with inks.

My influences have been varied and many.  From the Pre-Raphaelites to Rembrandt, and most recently to David Oxtoby, whose rockers are modern masterpieces, but I think the greatest portrait artist of all is the American, Chuck Close, whose portraits are of unbelievable size and strength.


“A commission I was very proud of was of the actor, comedian and tireless charity fund raiser Ricky Tomlinson. He was a joy to paint, a very humble man, also I painted the late Bernard Manning, again a very generous man his portrait now hangs in the boardroom of the family business.”


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